The Purchase of Computers

This is the next project of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation designed for children. It is of a long lasting nature. The project was conceived on the assumption that it is essential in the contemporary society for young people to be in contact with modern technology at least from the beginning of school education. Computers not only provide easy and quick contact with other people and access to knowledge, but also constitute an essential tool in the modern economy. Therefore, skills on how to use them should be improved from an early age. Meanwhile, many schools struggle with financial problems and do not invest in modern equipment. They use the old run-down sets that do not meet today’s standards. Thus children lack one of the basic tools of learning.

The aim of the project is to fund modern computer labs for children of primary schools. Institutions particularly in need and close to the Lubomirski family are selected. The authorities of the Foundation have decided to support primary schools because they usually have big needs.
The purchase of computers is to help equalize the level of teaching in small institutions, which often contend with different problems. The general state of knowledge of children suffers. The Foundation promotes new technologies, without help of which you cannot function in today’s world. Therefore, it gives teachers and pupils a working tool that should be a standard. Through its activities, it supports education and promotes modern methods of acquiring knowledge.
The authorities of the Foundation do not focus on the support of one area of knowledge or development of a certain skill. They donate modern equipment, because it provides development of interdisciplinary skills and acquisition of knowledge from different branches of science. It allows children to adequately prepare for further education. The project is in the nature of complex support. It assumes that modern sets donated to schools will provide the efficient teaching of many people for a dozen or so years.

The project has brought the first results. New equipment has already been used by children of the School Complex named after Stanisław Lubomirski from Wiśnicz Computer sets were purchased by the Foundation at the beginning of 2011. The modern equipment was handed over to the primary school. It will allow pupils to learn and improve their skills. It will enable teachers to implement and conduct interesting teaching methods from various fields, not only computer studies.

When using computers, children not only learn the basic skills such as professional text and images editing or e-mail handling. They develop their imagination by learning to make presentations, keep a blog or edit their first films. Such work requires commitment, self-learning and acquiring knowledge under the guidance of a teacher as well as training various skills at the same time. It brings, however, a lot of fun to children because they gain interesting and useful experience, which will enable them to better prepare for further study and work in the future.



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