It is an especially important area of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation’s activity. The creators of the organization cooperate in this respect with the Wilanów Palace Museum, Warsaw nursery school, primary schools, the University of Economics in Kraków, Per Saecula association from Wiśnicz and the Szreniawa Sports Club. They take part in the preparation of exhibitions, publishing scientific works and historical sources. They support educational institutions funding modern computer hardware for schools and scholarships for students. They appreciate grassroots initiatives such as the activities of the football team and the group of historical reconstructions.

Education is important for the whole society. It concerns not only the young – nursery school pupils, pupils and students, but all of us. It is hard to deny that in the dynamically changing world everybody learns through the whole life. The purpose of educational projects is to support the most needy individuals and organizations, provide access to modern technology, equal opportunities and make it easier for the young to start in adult life, as well as to develop their passions, talents and interests.

Many educational projects are of continued support nature provided for separate organizations and individuals. The authorities of the Foundation attach great significance so that every valuable activity could develop and be fruitful. So that it would not become another unrealised idea. So that it could flourish. Young people are taught certain values through sport, independent learning and transferring knowledge in an accessible form. The Foundation believes that passions, talents, initiatives and willingness of young people to act are worth supporting. The involvement of youth and the Foundation in grassroots projects bring effects in the form of promotion of the local community. The purchase of equipment enables learning with the use of modern techniques. Exhibitions and book publishing houses popularise learning and knowledge of the history of Poland.

Educational projects are carried out in small and big towns on the territory of the whole Poland. Individuals and organizations need support everywhere, regardless of location and area of operation. While directing its support the Foundation chooses the most needy centres often close to the Lubomirscy family. What is also important is a message of the project being supported and its compliance with the Foundation’s statutory aims.



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