The Szreniawa Sports Club

It is the domain of promoting specific patterns of conduct and values. Promotion of physical culture, the development of young people, their passions and talents is one of the activities of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation. The organization has decided to support the “Szreniawa” Sports Club from Nowy Wiśnicz. Money handed over was donated to the football team playing in the third division in the Małopolskie – Świętokrzyskie group.

The support provided for the football club is the beginning of the activities of the Foundation in the field of sports. The started project aims to support passions and talents of young people. Their desire and work translate into the promotion of healthy lifestyles, active pastimes. It shows values ​​such as fair competition, promotion of the city, teamwork, brotherhood and mutual support.

The project aims to promote the specific, abovementioned attitudes and values. They are universal, important for all society; therefore the authorities of the Foundation found them worthy of support. It is financial support at the moment. The fact that the selected club has existed since 1946 and a multiplicity of teams show that the club performs well in the organizational area. However, there is lack of funds for the implementation of some planned tasks. This is the support given by the Foundation for.



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