The Play Ground

The Princes Lubomirski Foundation takes very good care of children. If possible, it tries to take care of those the youngest who start their education in nursery school. The authorities of the organization consider it their duty to support those who cannot help themselves. Those are children.

Given the above assumptions, the authorities of the Foundation decided to support one of the Warsaw nursery schools. The Foundation lets one of its premises and leases the adjacent plot. It established a safe and modern playground on the plot and funded equipment that was installed there. The playground meets the highest standards making it a friendly place for children. Through playing, little pupils of the Foundation learn social behaviour, cooperation in groups, appropriate conduct.

The Foundation gives toys for the nursery school. Therefore, the institution is very well equipped. Children can use new toys, which enable them to know the world, acquire knowledge, develop imagination and train new skills. Parents are happy; they see that their kids stay in a safe and children-friendly place. The purchase of toys is of permanent nature.

Taking care of the youngest has always been the object of special care of the Lubomirski family. Representatives of the family funded orphanages for children, and took custody of orphans. They paid many times not only for their stay in the estates but basic education as well. The Foundation continues the tradition through supporting the Warsaw nursery school.

This is the first Warsaw nursery school the Foundation has supported. Cooperation between both organizations is successful due to children attending the described nursery school.


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