Preservation of Monuments

One of the key objectives of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation is to preserve the national heritage and material culture. The monuments of architecture are their manifestations. They bring with them knowledge about the past and a big load of positive emotions contained in the symbolism. They illustrate power and duration. The authorities of the Foundation make reference to the tradition of renewal and renovation of family palaces, mansions, castles, churches and chapels.

The Foundation supports the modern forms of restoration of monuments, not only those that will be covered by the ecological construction project. The modern principles of reconstruction of objects of architecture assume that they must not only regain its former character, but also be adapted to contemporary needs. They must meet the safety requirements. Every monument is a unique symbol of the past. Apart from the matter it is built of, it has an individual soul – a unique atmosphere of its interior and history. Often the most interesting one. The history of battles, secret councils, and tapping. Such objects in particular deserve to be rescued from destruction and their original brilliance should be restored. After rebuilding, extensive repair or renovation carried out with the support of the Foundation, they often change their functions. A fortified castle may become a hotel or a tourist attraction. It will remain, however, a symbol of the former power. A residence may be converted into a museum but it will preserve its unique nature becoming an educational centre.

Over the centuries, the rules of renovation of monuments have changed. They must be restored or rebuilt so as to restore their original character. But it makes possible, and even necessary to get from the historic buildings their best qualities, not often encountered in today’s residential and commercial construction. After the restoration or renovation, the old buildings become more accessible for users and guests. Their most interesting properties are exposed.

The Foundation’s goal is to save the greatest number of such spots. Important for the history of Poland. Regardless of whether they are defensive structures, residential, representational, or sacred. In the first place, those especially close to the Lubomirski family are selected. Therefore the Foundation supports the renovation of the castle and the church of the Carmelites in Wiśnicz. Soon the range of activities in this area will expand.

Preservation of monuments includes a number of important social goals. It allows us to rescue interesting objects with unusual characteristics from oblivion. It makes it possible to restore their former glory. Often it constitutes a part of important research projects and enriches the knowledge of the past. It also allows us to adjust the monuments to new functions that they can perform today.



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