The Princes Lubomirski Foundation carries out educational, social and medical projects.It has been established in order to continue and develop charitable activities conducted by the family for ages. The Foundation supports individuals and institutions. The Foundation’s aims are universal. They include the promotion of pro-social, humane and patriotic conduct.

The Foundation’s role is to preserve national heritage, finance educational and academic projects, renovate monuments, purchase medical equipment and finally help young people who start studying at different stages. The Foundation operates through cooperation with educational and medical centres, associations, museums and local authorities, as well as directly through its own centres.

The scope of activity of the Foundation is very wide. Its creators not only try to support valuable projects financially, programmatically and organizationally, but also promote certain patterns of conduct. They draw inspiration from the history of Poland, family experiences and modern undertakings carried out in European countries. All activities, even those connected with preservation of monuments are directed towards the future. The idea of the Foundation is to support the development of civilization on the territory of Poland. Therefore the members of the organization decide on multi-faceted action. They always try, through the gift from the heart, to bring help to the biggest number of people. Therefore they decide on help for schools, the university, hospitals or museums. Through activities on the territory of the whole country they can support a large number of the needy. Through financing modern medical equipment, which is not available in small hospitals, operated by qualified staff, it may help many people’s lives; therefore the Foundation invests considerable funds in the purchase of it.

Computer hardware purchased for schools and scholarships for students make it possible for young people to learn, and, in consequence, to start in adult life and activation in the labour market. Young people must have access to modern technology to make their education effective. Simultaneously they can learn through sport or participation in cultural events. The Princes Lubomirski Foundation strives to support educational centres on the one hand, and, on the other, various grassroots initiatives undertaken by the young, helping in the development of their passions and talents.

Equally important is direct help in organizing exhibitions, publishing scientific works or professional renovation of monuments. Such activities enable those who are interested to get to know the tradition, the history of Poland and the Lubomirscy family. They not only make it possible to preserve important artefacts for posterity, but often restore them again to society. Elegantly made scientific works, sources for the history of Poland or restored monuments make the long-lasting Nation. Simultaneously they attract tourists, which creates new jobs.



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