The Authorities of The Foundation

Jan Lubomirski – Lanckoroński

The President of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation,a member of the Committe of Museum of King III’s Palace at Wilanow..

Born on the 22nd of March 1978 in Kraków. He graduated from law studies at the Jagiellonian University. After the legal training, he became a legal advisor. He continued his education abroad at the London School of Economics and the University of Navarra in Barcelona in cooperation with the Harvard University, where he completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP). He also studied to become a stockbroker and stock advisor as well as property manager. He fluently speaks German, English, Italian, French and Russian. First, multi-faceted experience at work he was gaining while managing a complex of urban properties in Kraków, and then designing housing estates in Poznań. Then he worked in Deweley & Ballantine law offices, in the City in London and in Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr, and Wardyński i Wspólnicy law offices.

For many years he lived in Poznań, Kraków and London. At present he is permanently residing with his family in Warsaw, though he often spends time on business trips around the whole Europe. Carefully educated, for many years engaged in property development activity in the inner centres of the biggest Polish cities, he is the President of Euro Invest company and Landeskrone group.

From his early youth he has been continuing his family tradition connected with charitable activities, following his Father’s work and drawing the examples of his family’s rich history. He is especially committed to undertakings related to the history of hometowns and youth initiatives. He belongs to many cultural and charitable organizations, such as the Polish Landowners Association. He was an organizer of two charity balls in Wiśnicz. Thanks to funds raised during the first ball, the Polish Association of the Knights of Malta received support, which was donated to the centre for children with cerebral palsy.The outcome of the second one was the purchase of a CAT scanner for half a million zlotys for detecting cancers among children, given to the hospital in Kraków Prokocim.

Together with his wife Dominika Kulczyk – Lubomirska, they are committed to broadly defined charitable activities. They create the cooperation forum for architects, builders and managers, whose aim is to promote ecology and the proper use of raw material resources. They promote residents-friendly and ecological construction. Jan Lubomirski – Lanckoroński also supports young people studying at the University of Economics in Kraków. Through the Foundation, he finances the purchase of computers for schools in small towns. The first accomplished project of this kind is a computer room in the hometown of the Lubomirscy family – Wiśnicz.

He actively supports the restoration of the Wiśnicz castle and organizes different events there, such as charity balls, family parties, and promotes Wiśnicz on the territory of the whole Europe. Within the framework of the Foundation, he provides financial support to the “Szreniawa” Sports Club and to the local brotherhood of knights Per Saecula. He also decided to support the rebuilding of the baroque church on the site of the monastery of discalced Carmelites. The next project will be to move a penal institution operating there now and create an advisory point for victims of domestic violence in Łódź.

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