The 2nd edition of the “Chance for Monuments 2013” conference

On the 13-14th June of 2013 the 2nd edition of an all-Poland conference - „Chance for Monuments 2013” was held in Ufficio Primo and the Wilanów Palace Museum. It was organized by the Princes Lubomirski Foundation, the Mazovian Regional Monuments Conservator and EwidencjaZabytkó, monuments research and documentation office.

Honorary Patronage of the event was taken by Bronisław Komorowski, the President of the Republic of Poland.

The Princes Lubomirski Foundation, whose President is Jan Lubomirski, is actively engaged in revitalization activities, development and search for new, efficient functions for historic objects. The organization supports the renovation of the castle and the monastery church in Wiśnicz and tries to financially support other good quality projects.

Almost 200 people registered to attend the conference. Among the participants of the conference were: representatives of the state and self-government authorities, persons from the world of science, culture and business. Among the guests invited were: Bogdan Zdrojewski (the Minister of Culture and National Heritage), Hanna Gronkiewicz - Waltz (the President of the Capital City of Warsaw), Piotr Brabander (Warsaw Monuments Conservator) and many others. Hank Dittmar – the General Director of the Prince Charles Foundation was a honorary guest.

Jan Lubomirski together with Hank Dittmar took part in the meeting with ministers: Olgierd Dziekoński and Maciej Klimczak in the Presidential Palace. The event accompanied the “Chance for Monuments 2013” conference.

This year’s conference gives participants the opportunity to show their own projects and plan the protection of works important for all Poles. It is a platform for exchanging experience, knowledge and valuable solutions which have an impact on the preservation of the National Heritage. It is finally an opportunity to learn and unofficial talks among people whose passion is historic architecture. Organisers believe that the new undertaking will contribute to making use of the legacy left as well as possible.



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